Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying by Marie Kondo – digested read

‘A stray sock on the floor can end in coats piled on a chair … sometimes even in death’

Life truly only really begins when you have put your house in order. That’s why I have devoted my life to tidying. See that T-shirt on the floor. Pick it up you, lazy scumbag. Where was I? Joy. That should be the defining feature of tidying. Tidying doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw everything away. It just means keeping the things that bring you joy. Hopefully, though, you will end up like me and realise nothing brings you more joy than living in an empty shell. Only then will you have mastered the zen of tidying.

People often say to me: “Kon Mari, I am ready to tidy but I am finding it very difficult.” My answer is always the same: the road to tidiness is hard and requires much effort. You must commit yourself wholeheartedly to tidiness; anything less is the road to degradation. Relapse may start with a stray sock on the floor but it can end in coats piled up on a chair; sometimes even in death.

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from Network Front | The Guardian

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