Weird politics of the wired generation

Why Silicon Valley’s high-flying Democrats are full of contradictions

Good news for Hillary Clinton: there are very few Republican voters in Silicon Valley. Bad news: the Democrats there are not Democrats as you know them. They detest trade unions, for example, and they’re very keen on immigration – so long as the immigrants have PhDs from elite Indian or Chinese universities. They are in favour of government, so long as it’s “smart” government. And they believe that all change is good – especially in the long term.

We know this courtesy of a fascinating piece of opinion polling by Gregory Ferenstein, the guy who runs TechCrunch’s policy channel. He surveyed a sample of 1,200 startup founders, executives and investors from a database of 8,500 such people in order to find out what their views were on a wide range of political and social issues. What he found was that Silicon Valley is not – as most of us had assumed – a hotbed of techno-libertarianism, but rather a colony of people who “reject the very heart of libertarianism: individualism and small government”.

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from Network Front | The Guardian

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