Here’s the easiest way to upgrade your MacBook’s storage

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transcend jetdrive liteAmazonMacBooks are good. They’re slim, they’re light, they (almost) always have great keyboards, and they’re reliably fast. There might be better values depending on your needs, but if you can pay the premium, Apple usually rewards you with a dependable mainstream notebook. This is nothing new.

If there’s one area where they collectively fall short, though, it’s storage space. Their use of solid state drives lets them run swiftly, but, particularly with cheaper configurations, means they don’t pack much room to begin with. For some, it won’t be long before an assortment of movies, music, and photos chew up a 128GB or 256GB SSD.

This isn’t an issue unique to MacBooks, but if you’re an Air or Pro user running out of room, a storage expansion card like the Transcend JetDrive Lite grants you an easy fix. It’s as simple as it looks: You just plug the card into your device’s SD card slot, and (just about) however much storage it holds is added alongside your existing SSD.

Now, a MLC flash card like this won’t give you the same speeds as a full-on SSD, so don’t expect the JetDrive to handle gaming or 4K video all that gracefully. But since newer MacBooks are notoriously finicky about upgrades, it’s a much simpler alternative. Plus, if you use it for the basic media offloading it’s made to handle, it’s far from unbearably slow.

It’s a less cluttered solution, too: The whole thing fits snugly into the SD slot, only poking out enough for a fingernail to remove it.

Transcend isn’t the only company to sell one of these, but we’re highlighting the JetDrive Lite series here because it offers a (relatively) solid blend of performance and capacity for the money. If your MacBook needs some breathing room, it’s worth a look. If it checks out, just be sure to pick the model that corresponds to your specific device.

Transcend JetDrive Lite 130 for 13-inch MacBook Air (64GB), $43.48, available at Amazon.
Transcend JetDrive Lite 330 for 13-inch MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display (64GB), $34.99, available at Amazon.
Transcend JetDrive Lite 360 for 15-inch MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display (64GB), $34.99, available at Amazon.


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