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Small businesses vital, says Inniss

Small Business Development Minister Donville Inniss has called for the island to aim for a six percent economic growth per annum, with more opportunities made available to young entrepreneurs. Inniss threw out the challenge one day after Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell reported 0.5 percent economic growth in 2015 and made projections for 1.8 […]

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Capcom Shows Alex In Street Fighter V And Details March Update

There’s no denying that Street Fighter V is having a rough launch period. Plagued by server problems, common bugs, and a long list of suggested fixes, fans have been clamoring for an update. Today, Capcom released more information about how it’s addressing these problems along with screenshots of Street Fighter V’s first DLC character.

March’s scheduled update still doesn’t have a set release date, but Capcom has illustrated the kinds of changes you can expect to see when it finally drops. Returning from Street Fighter III, the bombastic-grappler Alex will be purchasable with Fight Money that players have accrued since the launch of the game. You can buy extra content through Street Fighter V’s in-game shop, including future DLC characters and costumes seen in story mode.

Newcomers to Street Fighter V will finally be able to cut their teeth on the game’s Challenge mode, which has specific tutorial content for each character. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced tiers of lessons that will teach players about combo potential, cross-ups, and more valuable techniques to level the playing field.

Included in the March update will be an online rematch option which allows you to play a 2/3 set in ranked matches as long as both players opt to go back into the ring. Also, Battle Lounge will expand from 2 person lobbies to a capacity of 8 people along with match spectating.

Capcom also promises to fix a host of bugs that are still in the game, but there’s no word on how the developer will handle Street Fighter V’s “rage quitting” problem. The current solution is for the player to record every instance of an opponent quitting moments before a loss, and sending it to Capcom.

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$600 Gets You An Assassin’s Creed Movie Ticket And Statue (Popcorn Not Included)

A special edition Assassin’s Creed movie ticket package from Kernel includes a 20” statue of Brotherhood member Aguilar. The package also includes a digital copy of the script and some behind-the-scenes extras and will cost $600.

The hand-painted polystone statue comes from Sure Shot Studios. Pre-orders are live now, but the statue’s expected shipping date is January 2017.

The assassin Aguilar is a new character created specifically for the film adaption of the Assassin’s Creed series. Both Aguilar and his modern-day descendant, Callum Lynch will be portrayed by Michael Fassbender. 

Assassin’s Creed is coming to theaters on December 21. The film is currently in post-production. 

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Government announces ban on drones

Government has announced a 12-month ban on the importation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, effective Friday April 1. According to an official in the Customs & Excise Department, this ban would allow the authorities to complete a legal framework to govern the use of these devices […]

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Spike Lee, Chance the Rapper Keep Beef Going over ‘Chi-Raq’ as Lee Announces New Film About #Mizzou Protests

Chance the Rapper and director Spike Lee are still at odds over Lee’s last film Chi-Raq, which the rapper claims represents Chicago in a negative light. Lee and Chance the Rapper have been in a tussle since the release of the movie, which tackles gun violence and race in the city. The film has faced […]

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